Important Things To Remember When Buying Fake Urine

Sitting behind the desk and doing your dream job can be blocked by one thing; the urine drug test. However, that is no more as someone smart and innovative has created some products to ensure you get a ‘clean bill of health.’ This product is the fake urine or fake pee as most people call it. Using this product is, however, not the easiest task as one may think. There are various considerations to make before buying it.

Things to remember when purchasing fake pee

It needs to be warm before submission

The lab technicians expect a fresh sample of urine which they expect to be warm. Thus, one must keep their fake sample as natural as possible. There are a couple of ways to succeed in this depending on the situation.


Using the heating pads

They are bought together with the fake pee and will need to be activated before to produce the heat and maintain the temperature of the urine as near human body temperature as possible.

Keeping the fake pee in contact with the body

This being the best way will ensure it is kept warm and at the right body temperature. So, buy one with a plastic bag that can be tied in contact with the body.

Buy only the best brands

One has only one chance to prove they are clean and get the job. Only the best brands can increase the chances of succeeding. Poor quality brands can backfire and even cause one to be detected as using fake urine. The manufacturers make fake pee in the lab with ingredients that make it look and appear real. If you want to see a review of the best options, please follow

Buy a whizz kit if need be

Well, this fake gadget will help to conceal the fake pee if one suspects that they will do a search before entry. Both men and women can get a helpful gadget if they buy from a reliable seller. The best ones will make you look and even give the fake pee which looks and appears natural. It’s crucial to ensure that all the components are available for a successful process. Reading the manual or consulting will help you succeed without a hitch.



Going past this work law successfully will not only give a sign of relief but will also have helped you get your job. It is, therefore, crucial to follow all the procedures well not to make a mistake.